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High-performance power supplies - TOE 8871 (1000 W) to TOE 8872 (1500 W)

Automatic calibration
Fast and convenient calibration of all output parameters is possible externally within a few minutes without having to adjust any trimmers or make any interventions in the device. This “Autocalibration“ can be carried out simply using the control elements or with computer support within a test system. An autocalibration function provides significant advantages, particularly when considering the increasing importance of regular calibration intervals as a result of quality assurance systems.

Voltage source, current source and automatic power contro
Depending on the set values for voltage, current and power, each power supply can be operated, depending on the load conditions, as a constant voltage source, constant current source, or as a source with a constant output power.

Special features

- Autorangin
- Active PFC
- High rise and fall rates
- High endurance, even under extreme load conditions
- Best EMC chara; residual ripple 5 mVrms up to 10 MHz, optional 1 mVrms
- GeringeStörspannungen, optional ca. 1 mVeff
- GPIB-, RS 232 interface(option)
- Analog interface as standard
- Floating analog interface with monitor outputs for voltage and current (option)
- Arbitrary function (option)
- Brief load current 1.5 x Irated for approx. 20 ms (option)
- Sensing
- Can be used as constant voltage, constant current and constant power source (CV/CC/CP)
- Extremely quiet thanks to excellent thermostatically controlled fan technology
- Master/slave operation
- Free LabViewTM-driver

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