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Function and arbitrary generators

Function generators and arbitrary generators represent the most interesting and versatile group of measuring instruments in the LF range nowadays.

Irrespective of the frequency range in which you are working, whether you require high or extremely low output voltages, whether you apply sweep functions or generate defined pulse sequences or audio surges, the TOELLNER range of function generators provides everything – with a convincing quality.

Function generators for standard functions, for sawtooth, pulses or other asymmetric functions – low-distortion function generators with high output voltage and maximum output power – function generators which can be used triggered, pulsed, phasecoupled, with internal or external sweep-frequency control, and as broadband – function generators with integral frequency counter, digital display for various operating functions and crystal-controlled frequency setting. Exceptionally clear in concept, rugged, and practice-oriented.

The quality can be recognized in laboratory comparisons.
Series Image Frequency min. Frequency max. Max. V Max. W Interface* Highlights
TOE 7401 0,2 Hz 2 MHz 20 Vpp 0,5 W - Low-price signal source for schools and training. Rugged and simple to use.
TOE 7402/7404 50 mHz 5 MHz 30 Vpp 1,1 W - Low-price signal source with integral feedback voltage protection and frequency counter. Extremely rugged and simple to use.
TOE 7704 ... 7711A 1 mHz 44 MHz 30 Vpp 1,1 W - Precise signal sources with sweep, trigger, PLL, AM and frequency counter. Universal laboratory devices with excellent properties.
TOE 7741 1 mHz 100 kHz 45 Vpp 63 W - Power function generator with 63 W output power, feedback voltage protection and frequency counter. Extremely rugged.
TOE 7761 1 μHz 40 MHz 20 Vpp 0,5 W GPIB Arbitrary function generators with 1,000,000 sampling points, 80 MS/s sampling rate and 14 bit resolution.

* partially optional

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